Casa Grande: 520-421-9744

What are the hours that I can get into the facility?

7 AM to 7PM everyday, including holidays

How would I get into the facility?

Once you are a customer, we would give you your own personal access code for our gate.

What if there is an emergency and I need to get in after hours?

Please call the office during normal business hours (M-F/9-5), and we can extend your code for the night.

Do we have to give a notice when moving-out?

Yes, we do require a 10-day WRITTEN notice. Please see the customer page for a sample of the form that you can fill out and send to us.

Can I park an additional vehicle/trailer in my spot?

Yes, if its fits in your spot, you can park any of your vehicles in your spot. We just require the proper paperwork for each vehicle in the spot (ie. insurance, driver’s license, registration). This also applies to any vehicle left in your spot, while you take your main vehicle out for a period of time.

Does it cost any extra to use the dump station?

No, that service is complimentary to all of our customers.

Do you have any specials, or discounts on pricing?

Yes! Please call us if you want to know our current special. Typically, we do give a discount for pre-payments of six months, or more.

Do you have a dumpster we can use to clean out our vehicle?

Yes, we have a dumpster on site, free to use.

Do you have a washing area, or area we can rinse down our rigs?

Yes, we have a well on-site, as well as hoses you can use. We do not provide any washing equipment, but you are free to use our well water and space to get your vehicle clean.

Is your facility paved?

Yes, our entire facility is completed paved with asphalt. It is also marked on each spot for easy parking.

Is the well water potable?

No, it is not tested water.

Do you have electricity at the facility?

No, we do not have electricity at this time.

Casa Grande RV Storage Facility

140 W. Cottonwood Lane
Casa Grande, AZ 85222

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About Park ‘N Shade RV

Park 'N Shade RV has been providing the Arizona community a safe, secured, and clean facility to park their recreational vehicles for over 10 years. We have two convenient locations that are easily accessible.